Selective Cloud Migration with Full Business Continuity

Intelligent Cloud Data Migration Platform

Simplified Data Upload, Easing Migration of Legacy Data to the Cloud

A data migration tool built to interact with all data types and data sources. Skycrane has the unique ability to segment data prior to upload, ensuring unstructured data is spring cleaned before it is sent to the cloud.

Skycrane has been purpose built to extract specific data files from existing legacy systems based on user request and upload them into the cloud. Embedded within Skycrane is a sophisticated business continuity solution which works in real-time ensuring continuous data availability throughout the extraction, clean-up and migration exercise.

When companies are moving their data into the cloud, Skycrane ensures that your legacy data can still be interrogated throughout the process, ensuring business continuity.  Whether the data is located on local storage systems on the premises or whether the data has already been migrated to the cloud, Skycrane ensures that all data-sets, files and images are always accessible.

Our clients are now able to replace their legacy systems, which has been welcomed with open arms due to the continuous maintenance legacy systems typically require, in addition to the challenges of having to perform manual data back-ups. Skycrane has been trained to understand the structure of existing data security models within a target system and build an exact replication of this model within a bulletproof cloud data vault.

Skycrane extracts all the data from legacy systems and stores it in a secure, searchable format in the cloud. All of the historical data is structured by replicating the same security models as per current legacy systems, ensuring that all legacy application data can always be found. In this instance, the major benefit of Skycrane is that companies are able to retire their costly legacy systems, maintenance and associated licensing fees. 

Skycrane slots in neatly alongside our core Document Search and Natural Language processing applications that comprise the core of Azure Search365's product suite. Customers are able to utilize our Skycrane platform to smartly and efficiently migrate vast quantities of corporate data to a securely hosted cloud storage environment.