USE CASE: Australian Government

"We need to securely view critical documents while in Parliament... "


The federal government department is involved across various communications sectors in Australia. Several parliamentary ministers work within the department which must monitor key federal issues. To facilitate this, the client team compiles paper briefing documents. In some cases, hundreds of summary documents are produced on key topics.


For both the team compiling and the ministers receiving the briefing, the whole process was time consuming and laborious. The client needed a solution enabling their ministers better access to the documents, both to review and utilise in Parliament. The department required an electronic solution to protect the highly sensitive documents and to work effectively offline so it could be used securely while sitting in parliament.


Search365 developed and implemented an app which meant that rather than being handed hundreds of printed files, the ministers simply needed to search the app on their tablet devices (in this case, iPad) to review all briefing documents. Using content parsing and transformation techniques, office documents in a library are converted to a searchable mobile application providing both search and browse, full and summary renditions of the required files. Search365 was able to provide offline (no network) access to key content.


Time and efficiencies increased for both Ministers and Staff

As a result of the application:

  • Staff spent less time gathering and compiling documentation
  • Ministers were able to review the briefings for key topics without sifting through hundreds of physical sheets of paper.
  • Ministers were able to access the files in parliament, even when off the network
  • Security for the highly sensitive documents was protected.

Ministers and their Staff can now 

  • Author context within Microsoft Office Word and Excel
  • Flexibly translate, summarise and structure documents into HTML5 /app equivalent

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