Cognitive Process Automation

AI Powered Text Analytics and Process Automation

Natural Language Processing and Text Analysis

Providing Intelligent Automation at Scale

Utilizing Search365’s Cognitive Process Automation, we are able to combine the best of AI, Natural Language Processing, and Text Analytics to drive business process automation. Using our technology, our customers are able, to radically improve the efficiency of document / file and email driven process workflows that in the past required intensive human intervention to determine next steps, and to trigger downstream processes.

An example of this for the Insurance industry is the automation of inbound email processing. By using sophisticated AI entity extraction and advanced document classification models we are now able to automate over 400,000 inbound emails a month for one specific customer. This massively improves the efficiency of process flows within an organisation, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction through reduced processing and response times.

With the continual advancement in system and process automation across the enterprise corporate domain today, our Cognitive Process Automation agent is carving out an important niche for itself within the feature set of enterprise service management platforms, sitting pretty alongside core platforms of all shapes and sizes.

Using CPA our process automation experts work together with our customers to define best possible integration paths, delivering a wide variety of seamless automated workflows that quite literally revolutionise the handling of modern day, business operations. Embedded within our core suite of Enterprise Search products Cognitive Process Automation is truly changing the way things are done in the engine rooms of some of the largest and most complex organisations here in Australia.

For organisations looking to improve efficiency and embrace the great benefits now available from automation, AI, Natural Language processing and text analytics Cognitive Process Automation is a must.