USE CASE: Major Airline

"We need to intelligently match points with relevant rewards"


The client operates many businesses adjacent to its successful core Airline and Frequent Flyer business. The client's Loyalty Program manages and operates Frequent Flyer, Store and the relationship with 11 million members and large commercial partners. The client needed to improve overall search capabilities to deliver an excellent search experience for customers, and to offer customers loyalty program rewards which were relevant to the customer's points balance.


Cross-site search capability across separate data domains was sub-standard and required our integration techniques to extract and structure data from different websites and businesses. It was essential to utilise our APIs to personalise the search results in real time., and demonstrate data security when dealing with member data as part of the search platform.


Search365 developed and implemented a solutions that was fully integrated with each Frequent Flyer's profile. Products subsequently matched profiles perfectly, allowing the successful up-sell and cross-sell of rewards based on individual points balances. Security of data was strengthened and maintained across all databases, and contextual matching of points balances was enabled. Intuitive predictive search, incorporating enhanced autocomplete using sub phrases, was enabled across the entire product catalogue.


Improved frequent flyer experience and up-sell opportunities

Search was dramatically improved across the client group Members could cross reference classic rewards flights available within personalised points ranges, incorporating destination and points required. We enabled promotional activity within the search results for the client group. Exchange rates were displayed for the likely currency required by different members. We demonstrated a data security methodology when dealing with member data as part of the search platform.

We morphed 'search' from a pure conversion goal into a tailored and intuitive customer experience. Predictive search with attainable rewards

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