Knowledge Miner

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Energise your Chat Bots with our Revolutionary Question and Answer Search Solution

Knowledge Miner is a sophisticated information discovery tool capable of real-time file search and response. Knowledge Miner gives your Chatbots the power to talk directly to documents of polices and procedures, delivering real-time answers to user requests across big data.  

It is not uncommon for a Chatbot user to frequently struggle in finding the right answers to their questions. The experience of engaging with a Chatbot is often challenging when answers to requests are not precisely delivered. Search365 have revolutionised the way Chatbots are able to handle question and answer through document search. The sophisticated deep machine learning of Knowledge Miners AI combined with smart integration of the latest Natural Language Processing techniques enables our Chatbot to become your very own virtual research assistant that understands your language.

Search365 have eliminated the need for manual data classification that many teams turn to in order to organise its data. The approach of organising a large corpus of unstructured data with human-in-the-loop process is not only time-consuming but also costly and burdened with metadata inaccuracies. Knowledge miner, powered by AI data curation, applies cluster-based labelling, indexes large scale datasets and quickly organises unstructured data.

The AI powered Chatbots within Knowledge Miner interpret the context of a users question and are trained to read and understand natural language. They understand the intent of the user and deliver the document, page and paragraph with precise answers to the request submitted. In real-time, the Chatbots give the user intelligent responses to their questions and also provide further helpful information related to the answer.

Knowledge Miner - the fastest, most sophisticated information discovery application on the market. 

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