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We completed work for an international law firm operating in the APAC region. Over the years, the Firm has amassed a significant archive of records relating to legal matters and cases, clients and contacts. This repository contains the accumulated precedents, advice and knowledge lawyers are able to reference when dealing with current legal matters.


Prior to engaging Search365, the Firm had implemented a legal-specific Enterprise Search solution from Recommind, but the product was found to be expensive and inflexible.

This was costing money and resources as the Firm could not grow with their ever increasing storehouse of records. The Firm also used Aderant Expert as a platform for managing their legal practice operations but this system was not properly integrated with Recommind, and was causing wasted time in locating the information lawyers needed.


Our solution was based on Elasticsearch and AI ensemble algorithms. The solution involved integration between multiple legal systems including Aderant Expert that contained matter-related information and LexisNexis InterAction containing clients and matter-related contacts. The Firm's company-wide Recommind search engine was replaced with a more flexible solution which allowed for multifaceted, predictive search on matters, clients, matter contacts and legal staff. The implementation included custom search ranking based on the legal practice area, and billing value of particular matter.


We reduced costs while increasing flexibility. The Search365 soltuion provides superior service for the Firm's lawyers, increasing their efficiency and exceeding their client expectations. The project also ensures that the Firm maintains a competitive edge in utilising the latest in technology for enterprise search and innovation, a key goal in their business strategy.

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