Smart platforms delivering mission-critical search and AI.

Everything revolves around intelligent search.
Each and every query we make is a quest for meaning, for results, for clarification. Smart search is at the heart of mission-critical applications. 


Our Search365 platform offers seamless integration between Search365 Achromat and Search365 Refraktor. This proven combination can handle the toughest and most sophisticated security challenges across heterogeneous systems.


Once content is found using Achromat, Refraktor offers advanced NLP and AI techniques to extract, transform, translate, graph and analyse any of this source data, revealing insights that can drive crucial decisions.


Watch the Search365 Achromat and Refraktor video here.

2 Ways of searching

The Old Way

We have to be uncomfortably structured with our search questions. We need to be technology-aware humans. If we get our query wrong, even in a small way, we need to try, try and try again.
We need to adapt to the machine doing the work.

The Search365 way

We believe in human-aware technology.
That’s where the machine needs to adapt to our way of seeing
and doing things. It needs to work for the human OS, not against it.


To ensure the quest for useful answers
lies in the hands of intelligent humans,
not just smart machines.


We search across structured, unstructured, CRM, legacy, multi-machine, multiplatform, web, audio, video – then enrich, link, translate, compare and transform the results into useful answers. We help you turn all those charts, graphs, figures, sounds and pictures into real value for your organisation.


We’re an Australian-owned company with expertise in deep learning products. Since our inception in 2007, Australian Government organisations and large enterprises trust us to build and support their enterprise search, website search, classification and intelligence solutions. Like 80% of Fortune 500 companies, we work with global strategic consultants Gartner as a Strategic Partner. We’re also ranked #20, AFR Fast 100, 2017; #10, SmartCompany SMART50, 2017; and #13, CRN Fast 50 2017.

We have multiple government clearances and are QAssure accredited in Queensland (13639). We’re a member of the ICT Services SCM 00200 prequalification scheme in New South Wales, the Whole of Government Cloud Services Panel, the Digital Service Professional Panel and The Victorian Vendor Panel.

We have delivered search management and analytic insights for:

Australian Government

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Department of Communications and the Arts, the Fair Work  Ombudsman, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and organisations tasked with preserving the liberty of Australian citizens.

Large Enterprises

NAB, Qantas, AMP, Foxtel and Seek.

2 Product Categories

Enterprise Search

Allows employees to search securely, across a multitude of legacy systems, their underlying databases, and into the text of documents such as Word, PowerPoint, PDF etc. This smart technology means we can find a needle in a needle stack. You can then take a page from a Word document and combine it with a slide from a PowerPoint presentation, then download it as an Excel Spreadsheet while maintaining links back to the source document.

Data-to Value and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Our mission-critical product finds persons of interest across public and private data sources. It uses advanced text analytics and AI to identify ‘bad actors.’ This capability helps to preserve the liberty of Australian citizens and pinpoint mission-critical activity across many government and financial sectors. We harness the power of AI – including natural language processing, advanced text analytics, machine learning –  to match and cross reference people and data across multiple sources, both internal and external.


The same NLP used by Google,
Microsoft and more

Our products incorporate the same natural language processing (NLP) used by Google, UBER, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Adobe and Airbnb along with US government agencies such as the NSA, Department of Homeland Security and others. Smart IP allows our technology to be insightful and even predictive, with high fidelity across 55 different languages.
This capability is already in use in leading organisations and government agencies concerned with protecting public safety. Our technology partners include:

MicrosoftElasticBasis Technology