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Voice Activated Search

How AI Activated Voice Search will Revolutionize the Search Experience

The year 2018 was certainly the year that put AI products firmly on the map. Artificial intelligence in the software engineering space has been increasing its footprint exponentially in recent times, but the number of AI related products and services…
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Enterprise Search vs Web Search

Enterprise Search vs Web Search – Key Differentiators

As someone who was only recently exposed to the concept of Enterprise Search I figured that it would make interesting reading to compare Enterprise Search with Web Search as the two are often rolled into one in the context of…
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The Rise of Natural Language Processing (NLP), and How it is Changing the Way we Retrieve Information.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) has been present in the IT community for some time, however in recent years following the significant growth in popularity of data science NLP has become a very hot topic amongst software engineers. Defined in its…
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