How to find the information you need to assess a claim

claims assessment automation

In the claim assessment process, once a claim is lodged and all the documents and information have been located, the next step would be to pinpoint specific information from inside these documents in order to assess and determine the eligibility of the claim.

Assessors need to find consistent and specific information such as dates or names. By using the latest in AI entity extraction and conversion and Natural Language processing, an automated claims assessment process can look through handwritten documents and image files to locate the necessary information.

What many insurers are now beginning to understand, is how the combination of search technologies with powerful AI extraction and automation processes, are the key to process optimization driving high ROI based efficiency savings and improving outcomes for customers.

Search365’s Universal Search Claims Automation solution provides assessors with the ability to search and find keywords in the file names and the content within files, from across organizations enterprise data stores, and provide the additional eligibility information needed to prepare an automated Claims Assessment Summary.

Search365’s Universal Search Claims Automation platform can also extend to support many other business processes.

claims assessment automation

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