How Search365’s Universal Search Claims Automation solution improves benefits assessment

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Once the claim has been assessed and the claims assessor is satisfied that the claim is eligible under the policy, it’s time to determine the client’s benefits. The information required to determine the benefits to the client is often buried in policies, updated underwriting provisions, and other key internal documentation.

This is where insurers are discovering the power of Search365’s Universal Search Claims Automation, making benefit assessment for eligible claims faster, more consistent, and more efficient.

Advanced Search technology again allows you to find the correct data you need. Whether that data is located in a PDF, a text file, or even an image of a hand-written document, our Universal Search Claims Automation extracts information based on specific keywords. From there, assessors can finalise the benefits payable. An integrated search tool can allow advanced filtering and refinement methods so that the assessor can narrow down their search and find the specific policies and benefits that fit the given claim.

An automated claim assessment process also minimizes the likelihood of human error such as determining the benefit based on a wrong version of a document, policy, addendum, or underwriting policy amendments that are in force between specific date windows. Search365’s Universal Search Claims Automation also has a built-in validation system so that assessors can ensure complete precision in their Claim Assessment Summaries.

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With our Universal Search Claims Automation platform, assessors can cut down on 80% of the time it takes to assess claims and determine benefits payable on eligible claims.

To provide customers with an even faster customer experience our Universal Search Claims Automation platform can also be extended to facilitate straight-through processing to minimize the need for human intervention in the process.

Learn more about how claims process automation can help insurers in 13 different ways, cutting costs and creating an efficient claims assessment workflow. Follow us at Search365 or send us an email at We can set up a call to discuss how our Universal Search Claims Automation solution will revolutionize how assessors determine benefits.

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