Secure your business from criminals.

By harnessing the power of AI you can detect and prevent fraudulent transactions in real time.

The Over Watch AI module is made with the security needs of financial institutions, government organisations, and businesses that rely on identity verification in mind.

Trusted by National Security, Over Watch has proven to be the critical tool in fixing:

- “False Positives” (wrong identity matches) that can cause monetary loss due to inefficiency

- “False Negatives” (identity mismatches) that can cause irreparable damage or even end an organization

Using the latest technology in Natural Language Processing, Over Watch intelligently matches identities based on linguistic structures and cultural norms.

Phonetic Similarity

Susanna <-> Suzana <-> Susannah

Out-of-order components

Diaz, Carlos Alfonzo <-> Carlos Alfonzo Diaz

Transliteration spelling differences

Abdul Rasheed <-> Abd-al-Rasheed <-> Abdulrashid

Missing components

Philip Charles Carr <-> Philip Carr


William <-> Will <-> Bill <-> Billy


J.E.Smith <-> James Earl Smith

Titles and honorifics

Dr. <-> Mr. <-> Ph.D.


Jon Smith <-> John Smith (but not Joan Smith)

 Missing spaces or hyphens

MaryEllen <-> Mary Ellen <-> Mary-Ellen

Split inconsistently across database fields

Dick - Van Dyke <-> Dick Van - Dyke

Truncated components

McDonalds <-> McD <-> McDonald

Semantically similar names

Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc. <-> Eagle Drug Company

Same name in multiple scripts

Mao Zedong <-> 毛澤東

- Arabic scripts: Arabic, Persian, Pashto, Urdu
- Cyrilic: Russian
- Greek script: Greek
- Hangul: Korean

- Hanzi (Simplified & Traditional): Chinese
- Kanji, Katakana, Hirigana: Japanese
- Latin scripts: English, Spanish, French, Italian,
German, Portuguese
- Thai script: Thai

Sharpen your security with Over Watch.