The RegTech Association

Regulated Technology for the financial services sector

AI improving compliance for banks and government.

Quickly identify transactions and gain advice in breach of complex laws and regulation.

RegTech has the vision to lead in the industry in facilitating the building of higher performing, ethical and compliant businesses through RegTech innovation and investment. The RegTech Association, founded in 2017, is a non-profit organisation that focuses on what is needed to support the growth of the technology in the financial sector.

RegTech brings together government, regulators, regulated entities, professional services and it's members to ensure collaboration between all of the parties. It is focused on the uptake of regulated technology's proof of concepts and to deploy solutions across the industry.

Search365 is a member of RegTech providing AI technology that can read documents for contextual meaning. By interrogating historical financial advice, we can flag concerns which can then be picked up by compliance or legal staff. Following our membership with RegTech, our technology partners Microsoft joined RegTech. Microsoft are pushing their and our artificial intelligence technology deeper inside banks to show regulators how AI could improve bank compliance to respond to problems exposed by the banking royal commission.

Our technology at Search365 has been recognised by Microsoft as a demonstrable, high value product offer, and as such Microsoft has chosen to back Search365 as a preferred solution partner within the Enterprise search domain. As part of this arrangement Microsoft contributes to our local and global marketing efforts, at the same time helping to refine our product roadmap.

Our suite of apps are the solutions to the challenges financial instiutions are facing due to the the inadequacy of the existing legacy systems within financial institutions - we have worked to overcome the perspective that the adoption of artificial intelligence solutions cannot be straightforward.

Bank of Queensland: "RegTech, is helping the bank to better comply with an increasingly challenging regulatory environment".