How claim assessors can use search technology for efficient processing of claims

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Finding the documents, policies, and information you need as a Claims Assessor, to do your job is often half the battle. Do I have all the documents I need? Are they the right ones for this claim? Content required for claims assessment could present in many different file types such as images, webpages, PDFs, or text documents, and different claims will require different supporting information in the claims assessment process. To speed up the process, insurers are turning to a powerful combination of AI, Natural Language Processing and Search Technology in order to sift through large volumes of data and documents and deliver the right information at the right time to assessors.

Find relevant data quickly and accurately

At the start of any claim assessment, the first challenge is locating the relevant files and documents to begin assessing the claim. In order to make this ‘search’ or ‘discovery’ experience a powerful tool for assessors, long before the ‘search’ is made, content/documents are pre-processed leveraging AI, entity extraction, and auto-classification in order to make that content highly discoverable. This also applies to handwritten content, which remains to be a major part of incoming documents and forms to insurers today. Coupling this pre-processing with powerful search technology allows people to find the right information fast. 

Implement AI-powered Search technology

Search365’s advanced AI-powered Search technology is the missing link that solves the problem of being able to search, find, and collaborate on the content you need, when you need it.

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With Search365’s Universal Search Claims Automation, you can cut the time it takes your claims assessors to determine eligibility and applicable benefits by 80%.

Our Universal Search Claims Automation tool identifies issues or potential risks in a claim, focusing the assessor and assisting them in processing the claim efficiently. The solution can be configured to include built-in validation processes, allowing businesses to enable optional checkpoints for validation.

For better transparency and review, our tool also offers extensive audit logging. This built-in feature ensures the historical recording of the assessment process so that the claim assessor can go back and view the journey of that claim. After all the important data is extracted, validated, and verified, Search365’s Universal Search Claims Automation automatically creates a claims assessment summary for historical records or integration to downstream systems.

Most importantly, you can keep customers’ data safe. Our search technology is reliable and secure and is compliant with Microsoft’s enterprise-grade security and Search365 ISO27001 accreditation.

Optimize your claim assessment workflows with Search365. Reach out to us at and let’s discuss how a Universal Search Claims Automation solution creates more efficient workflows for your claims management processing.

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