Big Data & Data Analytics Meets Enterprise Search

Enterprise search as a science has been around for quite some time, close to two decades in fact. However, it has spent much of that time in the shadows as a complex, technical niche only fully utilized by engineers with significant hands on expertise. In recent years things have progressed significantly and now Enterprise Search platforms have become user friendly and more importantly are recognized today as business-critical systems within the modern enterprise.

The core role of an Enterprise Search platform is to sift through large volumes of unstructured data, classifying, categorizing and tagging that data, before presenting the results to its userbase. The fundamental requirements for a Big Data platform rely on the same principals. It is apparent for all to see that there is a clear convergence between these respective technologies, and the link between BI and Search is firmly established.

Big Data in a similar respect to the origins of Enterprise Search has long relied upon complex engineering principals and highly skilled engineers to do the heavy lifting. These skillsets are challenging to source and expensive to maintain, they also represent a challenge to scalability if our end goal is surely to make qualified data truly accessible to our workforce on a global scale.

Enterprise Search tools like those provided by Search365 are now introducing an element of consumerization into data analytics. Using our powerful suite of AI driven tools users within an organization have the power to access data from a wide variety of data sources via a simple, efficient interface, and gain deep insights without having to be experts in data extraction.

Leveraging upon an enterprise search architecture that connects to unstructured data sources throughout the organization, a huge amount of previously inaccessible information is made available and placed at the fingertips of operators across the business.

To find out more about Enterprise Search in the context of Big Data why not reach out and Get the Search365 Demo.

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