How automated classification of inbound files helps with your claims management process

AI-powered claims management process

For one of our insurance clients, 400,000 + emails with attachments every month is pretty normal. Without the right technology, each email and its attachments need to be processed and categorized manually for downstream claims processing.

Automate document classification

Artificial intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing and Auto-Classification Machine Learning models provide opportunities for insurers to organize and tag the influx of files and documents so they are easily discoverable and accessible at the time of claims assessment. Whether the inbound files arrive via email and other digital means or paper, auto-categorising this content dramatically reduces the time otherwise used to manually classify these files, and in most cases, the classification accuracy will be higher than achieved from a manual people-based process. Having technology take care of the heavy-lifting allows decision-makers and businesses to cut down on manual processing costs, improve profit margins and speed up the claims assessment process

Provide a better customer experience

One of the main pain points for insurance clients is the speed and clarity of response. By reducing the time it takes for your claim assessors to find and classify inbound files, businesses can provide faster claims triage processing. In the insurance industry, positive customer experiences make one company stand out from the rest.

AI-powered claims management process

Implement Search Technology For Faster Processing

At Search365, we’ve combined state-of-the-art AI and Natural Language processing with Search technology to solve claims problems where established solutions have fallen short. Our Universal Search Claims Automation offers an easy-to-use interface that can be fully integrated into your current system, or operate independently of your existing systems, allowing claim assessors to get started right away.

Most insurers still have human-intensive processes for classifying content that comes in via many channels. With Search365’s Universal Search Claims Automation platform, Auto Classification Machine Learning can categorize documents for a faster and more accurate assessment.

Beyond auto-classification of content, Search365’s Universal Search Claims Automation platform also massively automates Claim Assessment and QA processes.

Automate the classification of your files with Search365. Contact us today by emailing us at and let’s talk about how a Universal Search Claims Automation solution can reduce costs for your business.

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