Bring automation to your Claims Management. 

Leverage the power of AI, Natural Language Processing and Search to rapidly reduce cost and improve quality by increasing the productivity and consistency in your Claims Management processing.

For most Insurers, claims processing remains a laborious and time-consuming activity that draws upon the capabilities of skilled individuals. Experienced claims managers spend an inordinate amount of time performing triage by searching for documents, and specific content within them, to form an initial assessment on a claim at First Notification of Loss. In the background, the customer experience is heavily impacted by the speed, clarity, and consistency from the outputs of these assessments making Claims Management the battleground for differentiation in a crowded Insurance marketplace

This is where the Universal Search Claims Automation by Search365 is making a profound difference in the Insurance Industry.

Cut up to 80% of the time taken by your expert Claims Managers to determine claim eligibility and applicable benefits

This new product from Search365 delivers all the benefits from the most cutting edge of AI and Natural Language processing combined with Search technology to solve problems where established solutions fall short.

Why Universal Search?

It's also

Low cost to deploy and maintain

Extendable for other business use cases such as Insurance Underwriting

Easy to use – no training required

Solidify your claims and insurance digital transformation efforts with Universal Search Claims Automation

With Universal Search Claims Automation, you can overcome the hurdle of information overload, automate administrative tasks and quickly find the information your Claims Managers need. With higher speed output, and more consistency in the Claims Management process, you are rapidly improving your customers experience and differentiating yourself in a highly competitive market.