Applying Search Technology to Government Infrastructure

Enterprise Search technology is today making huge inroads with government organizations all over the world. At Search365 we are frequently engaged by government departments to solve complex data search and data manipulation challenges.

Enterprise Search technology is so vitally important to governments as they rely almost entirely on documents and up to date information to function. Paper based documentation is still used on a large scale by governments worldwide but in recent years things have begun to change with many branches of government turning to technology to improve data dissemination.

In a recent move, our engineering team was engaged by the Federal Government of Australia to digitally transform document distribution for cabinet ministers. Our team working closely with the federal government was instrumental in the transition away from paper based briefing materials. Prior to intervention reams of physical briefing documents were prepared daily by support staff and distributed to parliamentary ministers.

Our team entered the fray and replaced this process with a mobile and tablet-based application including our cutting-edge Azure Enterprise Search technology. Following the successful deployment government ministers were provided with a software-based solution to review briefing documents, supporting both online and offline examination of files.

This is just one example of the benefits of a modern knowledge management solution. With so much data in use today, and so many data sources in existence it is simply no longer viable to maintain data repositories using manual techniques. We should also remember that the growth of data inside a complex organization is very fast, and we need to employ solutions that can detect changes to legislation on the fly.

One very important aspect of Enterprise Search and Knowledge Management in the context of government projects is security. Our platform has been engineered from the outset to support granular access controls, file monitoring and deep audit trails. If you represent a branch of government, financial institution, or other firm where document security is crucial in a search environment do reach out to see how Search365 can support your Enterprise Search deployment.

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