Policy Compliance Made Easy with AI

Diving into text-heavy, seemingly never-ending pages of policies and compliance documents is not an enjoyable task. It takes too much time and effort just to get to the specific information you momentarily need. Older generations of chatbots are sometimes implemented to ease the struggle, but they still prove to be inefficient in retrieving the accurate information you need because they lack the ability to comprehend your questions.

Assigning a specific person just to do this task is not an efficient use of your workforce. Besides, many people need access to such information at different times. So wouldn’t it be great if your organisation can have a tireless virtual research assistant that’s readily available at any moment’s notice?

With Search365’s Knowledge Miner, you will have that. Being a sophisticated deep machine learning AI combined with smart integration of the latest Natural Language Processing techniques, you will get a Chatbot that can understand the language and intent of its users and deliver the specific document, page and paragraph that contains the accurate answer in seconds.

Knowledge Miner will eliminate the need for tedious manual data classification that many teams turn to in order to organise data. Powered by AI data curation, it applies cluster-based labelling, indexes large scale datasets and quickly organises unstructured data.

Make policy compliance easy through the fastest, most sophisticated information discovery application on the market.

Contact us and schedule a consultation on how Search365 can modernise data management in your organisation. 

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