Document Search – Leveraging AI to Trawl Online Archives

Document Search forms an integral component of the Enterprise Search suite of components. Defined, as the matching of a search string or query against a set of free text records. Those records are typically made up of unstructured data, news articles, records, paragraphs of text etc. In many respects document search could be considered as a branch of text analysis / text retrieval since it goes hand in hand with this aspect of the search process.

Fundamentally, document search technology is based around a niche area of AI research known as Natural Language Processing (NLP). Within NLP are a variety of concepts used to break down language into its basic parts in order to use machines to apply rules and algorithmic patterns to use computers to emulate the intelligence of human interpretation and understanding of language.

In a more practical sense, one of the key things that Search technology performs is applying automatic classification algorithms, and entity extraction capabilities across one or many repositories of documents, with the goal being to build a full and enriched Search index from the resulting data. With an index in place document search engines, are able, to match relevant documents, document types, and information within documents against relevant user queries provided via a search engine style interface. Search results generated by the document search engine are evaluated based on relevance and presented in a prioritized manner to end users.

Typically document retrieval is carried out using one of two methods; Form Based, or Content Based. The former matching exact syntax, in a string, and the latter relying on semantic connections between documents and parts of documents. Natural Language processing typically relies upon a content-based approach.

Here at Search365 our engineering team has combined the very latest Document Search techniques together with AI Powered Chatbots culminating in – Knowledge Miner, a sophisticated information discovery tool that links real-time document search with interactive question and answer response. Using Knowledge Miner users are, able to retrieve lost documents, and information and interrogate this data via an intuitive interface.

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