AI Reinvents the Search Experience

Manual data mining is a thing of the past.\\We are in the information generation where almost anything we want to learn about can be found in a few seconds. But that is not the case for confidential information such as company records. So, many company employees still get buried under mountains of paperwork whenever they have to look for specific data. They spend tons of time and energy just to do this, and sometimes the search still ends up unsuccessful.

Don’t let your company be stuck in these old ways. Today, there is technology to take care of the time-consuming search process. With an advanced AI program, you can have the speedy search you need while keeping all the data confidential and secure from external entities.

Search365 can provide your company a product suite of Search AI machines that will ensure that you’ll be able to make use of your data efficiently, that you’ll always have well-structured data sets, and all this maintained within a bulletproof secure environment.

Enabling Search365 to do such feats are its suite of apps:

  • Knowledge Miner: The sophisticated information discovery tool capable of real-time file search and response. This gives Chatbots the power to talk directly to documents and deliver real-time answers to user requests across big data.
  • Azure Search365: Trained in natural language processing, the AI within this communicated directly with files in over 400 formats; capable of reading documents and images to deliver relevant results fast and always in context to the user’s questions.
  • Cognitive Process Automation: Combines the best of AI, Natural Language Processing, and Text Analytics to drive business process automation. With this, you’ll be able to radically improve the efficiency of document/file and e-mail driven process workflows.

Don’t be stuck mining data the hard way, learn more about how Search365 can reinvent your company’s search experience here.

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