Big solutions for major sectors.


We have security clearances to work with various Australian government departments, and supply advanced defence and intelligence products which help to find persons of interest across public and private data sources and preserve the liberty of Australian citizens. Our products are also ideal for civilian services, tax and advanced treasury applications.

Use cases include:

– ‘In-place’ digital records management

– FOI requests

– Information and content governance

– Data privacy management

– Data migrations

– Policy application and enforcement


We can optimise your site search with predictive and advanced autocomplete algorithms, exponentially improve the targeting of offers and cross-sells, interpret massive datasets to provide new customer insights and potentially save millions of dollars in call centre costs.

Use cases include:

–¬†Corporate risk & compliance

– eDiscovery and litigation support

– GDPR (find me/port me/delete me) compliance and holistic data privacy management

– Mergers and acquisitions due diligence and deep dive research

– Fraud detection

– Sentiment and trader behaviour analysis

– Trading insights

– Connect not collect approach: huge savings in implementation costs


Our proven legal AI platform incorporates sophisticated classification and ensemble algorithms to make sense of massive unstructured legal databases.

Use cases include:

Autoclassifying and generating insight clusters across massive databases – like 22 million legal emails. This allows the discovery and enrichment of previously hidden patterns and relationships, using AI that actually tunes and improves itself as it performs complex tasks in weeks, not years.


We can assist with media business and process transformation.

Use cases include:

Dealing proactively with category disruption and taking the lead with new, intelligent niche audience platforms, highly accurate demographic mapping of various target audiences and optimised marketing expenditure.


We can detect and prevent fraud, improve customer retention and assist with pinpoint accurate customer cross-sell communications based on secured and classified data.

Use cases include:

– Identifying and preventing negative events by ‘bad actors’ who instigate theft and faux claims

– Analysing and reliably predicting weather event patterns on a geographical basis and, as a result, assisting with actuarial algorithms which can save millions of dollars each year.


Our AI products can assist with diagnostic journeys, clinical trials, sophisticated biometrics to allow early intervention, and the classification of massive health datasets to secure patient information.

Use cases:

– Claims, cost & fraud analysis

– Pharmaceutical, R&D analytics

– Clinical data analytics

– Patient data, behaviour and sentiment

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