From disparate data to key information
in a unified analysis environment.

Search365 Refraktor is ideally suited to tracking and analysis across multiple sources, identifying significant entities of interest, translating data, analysing specific network traffic flow and identifying significant patterns.

Process, enrich, extract, translate – and predict

Unstructured information is difficult to understand and analyse on a massive scale, so we utilise smart AI to build a cohesive picture of this mission-critical data. Using natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, ingested data is enriched to identify named entities. You can then extract dates, common formats such as phone numbers, and much more. Multiple languages are supported and named entities can be translated into English. The collaborative workbench UI allows you to visually interact with and explore data. Pattern analysis provides predictive foresight on future events and actionable options.


Search365 Refraktor can identify and classify people, places, events, organisations, phone numbers, email addresses, even images, then cross link this information to allow correlations and patterns to be observed across disparate and massive datasets.

We find connections between people, organisations and events that traditional systems find difficult to expose. These results can be developed into sentiment analysis and relationship discovery to determine how customers feel about products, companies, events and markets. We can implement the Search365 classification and data enrichment platform, and begin to train the algorithms and find insights, in just four weeks.

Your data, pictured your way. 

The Search365 Refraktor user interface brings unstructured information to life with rich visualizations. Tables, scatter plots and charts interact seamlessly to provide a holistic view of all entities of interest. You can enrich your understanding by building and performing queries over large datasets with the help of rich search features. The visualizations are contextual with full-text unstructured and structured search.

The Search365 Refraktor platform translates unstructured terabytes into insight clusters.

Imagine an enterprise holding 22 million unstructured emails on a variety of servers. Now imagine a product that will metatag, enrich, classify and intelligently interpret that ocean of data.

That’s 22,000,000 emails or records classified under job number and job type, your company personnel involved in the communication, client division, cost of job, version tracking of sequential quotes, results, resolutions, customer pain points – the insight clusters are endless, and infinitely controllable by you, for your company or your division.

The Search365 Refraktor platform allows you to explore your entire data set through any lens or dimension, using technology that respects strict information security protocols.


It’s mission-critical search and AI.