Search for Insight

The word ‘Search’ is synonymous with a text box from the likes of Bing, Yahoo, and of course Google.
However, Search encompasses far more than just a text string match against documents or websites – Search can deliver insights.

First, get it right

Many websites for major brands have some kind of Search facility on them but it is amazing how poor these Search services can be, especially when compared with the mainstream commercial Search services. Features such as auto complete to suggest prime content or mismatch ‘did you mean’ Search facilities are still uncommon on commercial websites. Go to any major banking site and Search for “morgage”, of course this is a misspelling of mortgage, but an extremely common Search nevertheless (most people can’t spell mortgage). The vast majority of commercial websites will then return no Search results, potentially losing a multitude of new sales opportunities. Try it for yourself and you will be amazed how poor the Search facility on major brands websites really is.

What do you know about content people are really looking for?

One such example is to analyse just exactly what people are Searching for. A major financial institution realised a lot of customers were searching for Travel Insurance, a product that they didn’t actually offer. By getting this Search ‘insight’ the company produced a product and launched it within a few months, and added millions of dollars of new revenue in the first year. Imagine all the ‘hidden’ sales opportunities you can find in your organisation by knowing what people are trying to find.

Searching for a moment

Beyond the traditional text box Search, the same technology can be applied to “listening” to social media to identify moments or trigger points in people’s lives. For example, someone posting about a new car on Facebook can be used to target advertising of car insurance; listing a property for sale targets removal services.

This social media listening use of Search technology can also be used to perform sentiment analysis of customers by spotting the #FAIL and allow companies to take early action to prevent a brand damaging event going viral, or similar news posts from adversely affecting share prices of listed companies.

A great example of beyond text box Search is an international mining company looking to use social listening to analyse their foreign employee’s posts and spot potential industrial relation issues. Here the Search is providing translation of the content, so that senior executives who may not have the foreign language skills can get insights in their own native language.

At Search365 we engage with you to provide these traditional and non-traditional applications of Search technologies. We deliver either on premise or via our managed service. We start where Google stops by providing commercial grade Search capabilities inside the firewall, helping employees what they need quickly. We also build social listening and other insight services to provide alternative analysis models to the traditional data warehouse and business intelligence approach to solve the big data conundrum.

Lets us help you find what you are really looking for, using smart AI machines for intelligent people.

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