Personalisation Starts with Search

Personalisation Starts with Search

In our fast-paced digital age, it pays to give customers a personalised experience because it shows how a business is putting the extra effort to cater to customer needs. But what exactly does “personalised experience” mean? To explain it clearly, let’s put it in levels.

Level 0: non-existent

This is the generic customer experience. Imagine a static website with no search bar, no chatbox, no effort to find out and cater to what the customer specifically needs at that moment. This is a no no if you want to thrive in our digital age.

Level 1: location identification

Here, your system can figure out where the customer is from. So you can offer to change the text to their local language and currency, highlight specific product offers that is useful in their area such as property listings, but it stops there.

Level 2: personality triggers

This is where a business’ target market definition plays along. To some extent this is useful in identifying the products that the specific customer personality might be interested in, how much they are willing to spend, and what motivates them to buy. This is useful in creating brand awareness. But this is limiting when closing the sale because you obviously cannot predict all the personalities that will access your digital platforms, and people nowadays can sense templated sentiments from those who are trying to make a sale.

Level 3: basic personalisation

This is a step up from personality triggers because here you already have specific customer information from their login details, purchase patterns and even social media usage. This level uses query matching and predictive analytics. The downside: this is usually not done in real time thus creating a bottleneck for sale turnover.

Level 4: perfectly personalised

This is where the magic happens. This level maximises the capabilities of analytics, machine learning, natural language processing and chatbots to create an AI powered search experience. With all these AI tools, you empower your customers to take that journey of discovery at the most convenient way possible. This ease of search will help customers develop trust in your business which is essential in making a purchase.

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