Over Watch in Action

  • November 26, 2019
  • AI

How Over Watch AI works in financial compliance, government intelligence and businesses.

In today’s fast paced digital world we must be more vigilant with every transaction we partake in specially when you are acting on behalf of a trusted organisation. Because dealing with criminals can surely spell trouble and immeasurable damages to your company, heightening your security with the latest technology is not a “nice to have”, but instead it is a must. 

With the Over Watch AI Module you can detect criminal actions across millions of transactions in real time. Its advanced AI technology has been proven to be a critical tool in ensuring security for:

Financial Compliance

Financial institutions use Over Watch to manage and update watchlists to block terrorist access to funds, simultaneously avoiding compliance violations and protecting their reputation. Applications also include fraud detection, money laundering, and document triage.

Government Intelligence

Names are often the most critical data point in intelligence, law enforcement, and border control. Over Watch is used by government organisations to address the challenge of matching names in all their variations.

Identity Verification

Name matching is a key component of verifying online identities with real-world documentation (passports, driver’s licenses).  Members of the sharing economy such as room rentals, ride rentals, and job boards rely on Over Watch to match names originating from all over the world.

Over Watch is designed to access international databases. With the latest technology in Natural Language Processing, Over Watch intelligently matches identities based on linguistic structures and cultural norms. Language will also not be a barrier since Over Watch can match names from several languages either in transliteration to English or written in their negative scripts.

Sharpen your security with Over Watch. Get the demo today. 

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