Microsoft features Search365’s Achromat: exponentially better search, without compromising security

Search365’s Achromat product is shaking up the search sector with a holistic, secure view of search results.

Search365 CEO Julian Harris describes the new Search365 Achromat product as “perhaps the first ever enterprise search product that’s been built for the Human OS.”
Harris frames the classic enterprise search experience in human terms:

“How many times have you searched across your systems, only to get nil or spurious results? It’s a thankless task repeated thousands of times every minute, throughout the enterprise world, and it’s something we’ve carefully addressed in Achromat. At last, your search really reaches into every nook and cranny, every legacy system, every platform, across structured and unstructured data, then gives you meaningful results you can interpret, interrogate and enrich. You can take a page from a Word document and combine it with a slide from a PowerPoint presentation, then download it as an Excel Spreadsheet while maintaining links back to the source document…for possibly the first time ever, a search becomes a case of surprise and delight.”

Achromat, formerly known as the Enterprise Search Accelerator, can be implemented in just 8 weeks. It’s recently been featured by Microsoft in a major press release. Read the Microsoft interview with Search365 Alliances Director Julian Cruickshank here.

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