Think helicopters, not supertankers

Unstructured data, across multiple servers and proprietary systems. It’s the terabytes of things you know are there, but can’t find – or more importantly, can’t find fast.

Hands up how many people who’ve downloaded Jenny’s 62 megabyte PPT file over the network, only to realise the slides you need must instead be in the other PPT Ross tweaked the day after.

Multiply the wasted network traffic by large numbers of people, and you’re looking at serious costs in bandwidth – and internal fuss and frustration – which should have been billable hours spent looking after your clients.

Now, the old way is to say ‘if only we could group this data in a big, proprietary records management system – all our problems would be solved!’

The answer to this thinking is – stop. Ring the time out bell.

The way of the future is to connect, not collect.

You absolutely, positively do not want a gargantuan supertanker approach to your data – a huge, expensive, unwieldy and slowly rusting system that’s packed with millions of unstructured files and goes obsolete before it’s even commissioned.

You want a helicopter approach. See everything from a single, unified POV. See where things are, how they’re connected, the way they’re clustered, then drop in and find what you need, fast. You need an agile solution that allows you to be alert, be the omni technology, not the IP that gets clagged in minutiae.

Imagine a secure platform that sits invisibly over and searches securely across all your databases. Back-office record management. Web content. Previously ‘unsearchable’ legacy platforms and servers. CRM systems. Your whole organisation, in fact. Across multiple servers, clouds, systems, geolocations.

It exists. And there’s more good news. You can have it up and running in just weeks, and the platform’s clever IP uses the world’s best practice components.

That translates into a clear advantage for you, not a mysterious and hyper-expensive black box.




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