This month Search365, sponsored by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, is presenting exclusive Briefings on the topic AI-based Text Analytics: Revealing Actionable Insights within Big Data. These briefings will be presented on May 24 and 25 by Search365 CEO Julian Harris and our Search365 Singapore VP,
Dr. Andrew Seit.

These briefings leverage our proven expertise in mission-critical search and AI text analytics.

The Search365 Achromat and Refraktor products find, extract, enrich and discover insights through Enterprise Search and AI Text Analytics, using advanced Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies.

We focus on Federal and State Government, and large corporates across National Security, Law Enforcement and Banking/Financial Services. Watch our 2 minute video here.

The Discovery product has been designed for government and commercial organisations to leverage the cutting- edge language and semantic analysis AI tools from Search365 rapidly, without having to engage in costly development programs. Instead of spending time, money and resources on training courses, Discovery enables users to quickly see business benefits through indexing their data immediately to reveal insights.

Discovery can also be treated as a ‘starter’ platform, which can be cost-effectively integrated with existing systems to fulfil specific customer needs.

Search365 appreciates that organisations are being inundated with data…

A large amount of this data is in textual form, or can be converted into text, such as audio transcripts, video narratives and automated descriptions of image files. Search365 Discovery uses leading-edge AI techniques to extract meaningful insights from textual data. Search365 clients can classify and categorise complex information, extract essential insights, match input against watchlists and visualise hidden relationships. These capabilities enable increased automation of business processes and compliance. We can also reduce expensive manual interpretation, accelerate business outcomes and discover ‘bad actors’.

Our products are highly secure and are currently in use with key security agencies and blue chip corporates around the world. We can track, understand, map and interpret threats in 55 languages, delivering excellent capabilities across security, AML/KYC/sanctions checking and fraud analytics applications.

We are the official APAC distributor of text analytics experts Basis Technology.

For Singapore Briefing attendees, we can implement a Search365 Discovery AI trial demonstrating our capabilities.

Discovery is deployment-ready for trials. Any such initiative will be recognised by IMDA and qualifies for Singapore AIBPP incentives as ‘adoption of AI technology.’

Government end-users of our text analytics platform include  Mi5  Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)  Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)  Department of Defense (DOD)  Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)  Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM)  National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC)  National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)  National Security Agency (NSA)  National Virtual Translation Center (NVTC)  Special Operations Command (SOCOM)  Interpol  USA Customs & Border Protection (CBP).

We forward to demonstrating these Search365 and capabilities on May 24 or May 25.

Please RSVP here for May 24 or 25. 

Alternatively call Andrew Seit on +65 9712 4388 to confirm your place.




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