Effortless Automation with Search AI Solution

Classifying files and extracting information is a tedious task when done manually. It would require huge chunks of time and energy from you and your team members. Time that could have been spent focusing on bigger matters that are more beneficial for your organisation. Beyond the time and effort misuse, processing manually also gives a higher possibility of error because humans naturally get tired and make mistakes.

Imagine not needing intensive human intervention to process the continuous flow of thousands of information. Imagine having a tireless entity to determine next steps and to trigger downstream processes. Imagine less errors and more employee and customer happiness.

With Search365’s Cognitive Process Automation, this effortless system doesn’t have to only live in your imagination any longer. Radical improvements in efficiency of document, file and email-driven process workflows will become a reality in your company. Through combining the best of AI, Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics, business process automation becomes a breeze.

A successful example of Cognitive Process Automation in action is the automation of inbound email processing for an insurance company. By using sophisticated AI entity extraction and advanced document classification models, it was able to automate over 400,000 inbound emails a month. This massively improved the efficiency of process flows within the organisation and increased customer satisfaction through reduced processing and response time.

Improve efficiency, increase profitability and experience the valuable advantages of modernising your system with Cognitive Process Automation.

Learn more about how Search365 can help your organisation, visit https://search365.ai/ and schedule a consultation with us.

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