The death of the Google Search Appliance (GSA)

Recently, Google’s Search Appliance was announced ‘end of life.’

According to Fortune magazine Google’s reseller and consulting partners received the news via email, advising they will continue to sell one-year license renewals for existing hardware customers through 2017, but that they will be unable to sell new hardware. Renewals will end in 2018.

Google will continue to issue bug fixes, security updates, and technical support as long as license agreements are valid.

This will be part of Google’s cloud strategy. By putting the hardware-based Google Search Appliance to bed, Google appears to be focusing their engineering on cloud-based solutions.

Cloud based solutions for enterprise search are part of the big way forward, particularly as search underpins Digital Workplaces and Data & Analytics Platforms. However, cloud is only part of the picture. Not all GSA customers will want to move to the cloud, and at Search365, we continue to see big demand for on-premise and hybrid solutions.

We think it’s critical for companies to continue to leverage on-premise information alongside content available in the cloud because, after all, it’s about the user experience. We are working on making information accessible across all content sources and domains, irrespective of where or how that information is stored. Smart integration with fast and reliable search is the key.

This as an excellent opportunity for GSA customers to review their search strategy and discover how newer platforms such as Elastic provide a much more powerful, wider reaching and flexible solution to what was possible with the Google search appliance. Search365’s products Achromat, Refraktor and Lentikular provide scalable, flexible alternatives that can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid.

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