It’s time to join us!

We’re at the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI), advanced  search algorithms, machine learning (ML) and natural  language processing (NLP).

Unlike many technology companies,
we’re into verbs, not adjectives.

Let’s do, not chestbeat. Find. See. Make. Ask. Respond.
Discover. Protect. We’re developing smart machines for
intelligent people, and we’re always looking for smart,
passionate, like-minded enthusiasts to join our team in
Singapore, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.


We’re growing strongly each year. But serious growth doesn’t mean halving the fun, it means more opportunities for you to shine, more often.


Imagine creating world-leading enterprise products, yet infusing them with the smarts and cool features that are increasingly being driven by consumer platforms. Voice, better UI, better ways to visualise crucial data – that’s what we’re all about. Come and help us build mission-critical search and AI.